Monday, 28 September 2009

Ouch! Omar whacks Ian - can you name the artist?

Le Caprice, 1985: 'All the films you've made since Lawrence of Arabia are rubbish,' Ian told the actor Omar Sharif, following a refreshing dinner at an exclusive London eatery. Diners looked up in disbelief as Sharif jumped from the table, throwing the first (and last) punch. There were no photographers around, but can you name the artist behind this picture? And the publication it appeared in? It's in the style of Guy Peelaert (of 'Rock Dreams' fame) and was kindly sent to me by Mick Gallagher of the Blockheads (thanks Mick), but its origin remains a mystery.

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  1. It was in a short-lived UK magazine called 'Jack'. The article also described a meeting between Elvis and Muhammed Ali. I do not know the artist.